• image1 We provide things which ill man desires and needs…
  • image2 …warm health care, comprehension, kindness, patience and smile…
  • image3 …with those we are trying to distinguish ourselves In the face of the other companies.

MCE with general profile – for patients with no ventilation requirements

The aim of our branches is to help the elderly and chronically ill to recover the greatest possible physical fitness and self-reliance. This applies to people who have completed the process of hospital treatment, are fully diagnosed and do not require hospitalization but are still in need of continuous health-clock, specialized care.

All our branches offer 24-hour nursing care, medical care and rehabilitation. Speech therapists, psychologists and occupational therapists are also a part of our cooperatives. We have a contract with the National Health Fund and full priced commercial space.

To put the patient at our facility you should provide one of our secretariats with a set of the following documents:

referral to MCE issued by the BHC (Basic Health Care) or hospital doctor

- environmental history

- patients Barthel scale rating

- evidence of insurance in National Health Fund

- photocopied section of the pension or retirement

- written consent to the inclusion in MCE

- contact details of the patients clinic and his primary care physician

- power of attorney

- personal data of the person applying for admission to the MCE


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